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October 16, 2019
Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanović will be leading a MasterClass on RBI from October 22-23, 2019, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. more
October 16, 2018
On October 16, 2018, Steinbeis R-Tech and EnBW organized a workshop devoted to the new EU standard on Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) EN16991:2018, published on May 1, 2018. Participation in the workshop was free of charge. more
TÜV Austria certifies STeinbeis R-Tech iRiS System
June 28, 2017
TÜV AUstria has certified to Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (group) that in the scope of activities: RBI (Risk-Based Inspection), RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance), RCFA (Root-Cause Failure Analysis) and HSE (Health Safety, Environment) as well as the relevant consulting, professional services, accredited and state-recognized training and education, the iRiS-System meets all requirements of: EN 16991, CWA 15740 and API-RP 580/581 (RBI).
R-Tech iRiS - Integrated Risk Management System for Industrial Plants

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Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies solution and iRiS System software

  • The iRiS System RBI is fully web-based and does not rely on a local installation (but can work on the local database!)
  • Has a 2-levels user interface (for operators and personnel in the plant AND for the analysts in the HQ)
  • Addresses the requirements of both POWER and PROCESS plants
  • Includes modules for RBI, RCM, RCFA, HAZOP, NDT, links to SIS & CMMS/SAP/etc.  
  • Fully certified to comply with international standards
  • Supported by training & education (including accredited and state recognized academic education)
  • Includes additional add-ons: Business intelligence & machine learning; Detailed analysis (e.g. IN-DEPTH creep, fatigue or corrosion problem analysis)

Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies' solution holistic approach includes:

A. Pilot implementations

B. Roll-out phase management

C. Support in the development of the RBI program and its complementing quality management system (QMS)

D. Training and education on RBI management, Safety (PSMS) and Risk and Resilience assessment

E. Support the calibration of the RBI solution


iRiS System is TüV certified for RBI, RCM, RCFA and HSE, complying with the European standard EN16991, the US standards API-RP 580/581 and the German VGB-S-506!



A. Pilot implementation - example of activities


  1. Introductory education of the team (Steinbeis University certificates)
  2. RBI/QMS procedures
  3. (contacts/interaction with the regulatory bodies, optional)
  4. Data acquisition (Controlled Excel sheet based of DB-based)
  5. RBI assessments
  6. Reporting, including KPIs
  7. Lessons learned workshop
B. Rollout over multiple plants


  1. Introductory education of the team (Steinbeis University certificates)
  2. RBI/QMS procedures
  3. Contacts/interaction with the regulatory bodies, if needed
  4. Data acquisition (Controlled Excel sheet based of DB-based)
  5. RBI assessments
  6. Reporting, including KPIs and cross plant analysis
  7. Lessons learned workshop and strategic planning suggestion
  8. Business intelligence
  9. Optimization of future options
C. Training and education 

  1. Professional training and education of RBI engineers
  2. Software training for users & administrators
  3. Optional: extension towards accredited and state-recognized Academic Education (Steinbeis University)
D. RBI QMS (RBI quality management procedures)
  1. Development of generic procedures (e.g. AIM)
  2. Development of the specific procedures (e.g. RBI, RCM, SIS …)
  3. Support in/during the auditing
E. Certification

Depending on the country: support in obtaining certification for the software or the RBI system


Main premises of Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (R-Tech):
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