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RBIF: Risk Based Inspection Framework


Project Description
Acronym: RBIF-EN
Start date: October 01, 2012
End date: October 01, 2015
Total project value: 35000€
Project coordinator: Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies, F. A. Quintero
Total number of partners: 16
Contact person (name/email): fqrisk-technologies.com
Project webpage R-Tech/EU-VRi: http://rbi.risk-technologies.com/
General Information

RBIF  project aims at contributing to the European harmonization of the various EU national regulatory requirements in the area of risk-based inspection and maintenance (RBIM) . The inspection and maintenance must ensure that the accepted level of risk related to safety, health, environment and business/production/operation is achieved.

The main objective of RBIF  project is to support the development of an European Standard (EN) for Risk Based Inspection and Maintenance (RBIM) during the in-service activities which are still not harmonized throughout the EU.The future development of the European Standard (EN) is based on the frame of the CWA (CEN Workshop Agreement) 15740:2008 which specifies the essential elements for risk based assessment of industrial assets according to the RIMAP (Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance Procedures for European Industry) approach.

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Invitation to RBIF project

Risk Based Inspection (RBI) has been adopted in different countries around the world, and it is one of the most commonly used methods where the level of risk is used to develop a prioritized inspection plan in industry.

In September 2013, the proposal for a European Normalization for the development of the Risk Based Inspection Framework (RBIF) has been approved within the CEN Technical Committee (TC) 319 dedicated to maintenance. The CEN TC have created the Working Group (WG) 12 for the development of the standard and NEN is appointed to be the standard body to hold the secretariat.

Steinbeis R-Tech as one of the main supporters of this initiative would like to invite all interested persons in the process of standardization of RBIF practices. Therefore we would like you to answer the following question:

Would you like to support or be involved in the future activities related to RBIF?

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RBI - Atlas

In terms of management, Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (R-Tech) has collected information on inspection practices followed in various European and non European countries. Currently R-Tech is searching for dedicated persons who would edit and update this information in the Atlas.

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