Management system evaluation module:

The MSEQ module is a questionnaire -based software for evaluation of Management Systems made according to the APPENDIX D in the API581 Base Resource Document.

The management evaluation module covers all areas of a plant’s PSM system that directly or indirectly impact on the mechanical integrity of pressure equipment. The management system evaluation factor influences the Probability of Failure (PoF), by increasing or decreasing it, based on the plant’s overall MSEQ score.
 Risk Based Decision Making Tools

Advanced tools, based on risk, aiding in the decision making process, to identify the most critical components based on cumulative risk, Net Present Value of components (based on risk before/after inspection) and inspection optimization, based on component criticality. Using the results of these assessments, it is possible to perform risk ranking and quantify the effects of the future inspections in function of risk reduction.




  Damage mechanism identification and analysis

With the damage mechanism analyzer module, it is possible to link process units to appropriate P&ID diagrams which show typical equipment and the locations and types of possible damage mechanisms.

The selection of a particular damage mechanisms on the P&ID leads to:

A description of the damage mechanism

Affected units and equipment

Appearance and morphology of the damage

Prevention and mitigation measures

Inspection and monitoring recommendations