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9:30 – 10:00

Coffee, getting together

10:00 – 12:00

Part I: Introduction & Background

1.  Welcome TÜV SÜD (R.Kauer) & Steinbeis R-Tech (A.Jovanovic);Objectives of the meeting.

2.  History of RIMAP and CWA 15740:2008 (A.Jovanovic)

3.  Applications of RBI and RIMAP in industry in Europe and elsewhere

4.  Position of CEOC,Lloyd's Register perspective on RBI and the Europe, Middle-East and on a global scale (D.-J. Schuld, Lloyds)

5.  Possibilities of further development of CWA 15740 (R.Kauer)
-Overview of options to go
-Prolonging current status (CWA)
-Going PAS
-Going PQ -PQ procedure (the so-called "primary questionnaire"). This enables to go directly to a CEN Enquiry, provided one gets the agreement from the CEN Technical Board. The request to CEN/BT must be done by a National Standardization Body(like DIN, for example), or by a European Federation  (like ETPIS?). Therefore one is not forced to find a "hosting TC"
-Going EN
-Possibility of establishing "small TC" (2-3 years lifetime, just one EN)
-Going TC
CEN TCs possibly interested in "hosting" the topic. Option TCs of DIN!

CEN/TC 319 Maintenance
CEN/TC 381 Project Committee-Management Consultancy Services
CEN/TC 395 Engineering Consultancy Services
CEN/TC 405 Project Committee-Expertise services

- Next steps?
- Discussion, explanations

6.  Conclusion about the way to go (A.Fluthwedel, A.Jovanovic)

12:00 – 13:00

Lunch break

13:00 – 15:00

Part II: The roadmap to EN

7.  WHO is interested to work on EN
-Which standardization or other bodies (CEOC?) are interested in advancing the standardization aspects of the European RBI
-Which companies/persons would like to be involved into this activity
-Presentation of the RBI Atlas and defining possible contributors

8.  WHAT is needed to be updated for an EN
-Define the principals directions of contents updating of CWA 15740:2008-e.g. with respect to new US, Japanese and Korean docs, and developments in countries like China

9.  HOW to reach the goal
-The Operating team for the new European RBI (EN based on CWA 15740:2008)
-Interaction with DIN

10.  Possibilities of interaction: Current projects, future calls/projects (e.g. join ENV-RTD calls, self-healing materials...) and other activities (A.Jovanovic)

11.  AOB
-Prepare the report for the CEOC GA in May in Warsaw or at some other occasion(s)
-Other issues?

12.  Final discussion and closure

Supporting Documents

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  • FORM A: Risk-Based Inspection and Maintenace Procedures (RIMAP):