R-Tech iRiS - Integrated Risk Management System for Industrial Plants

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Our iRiS System is certified by TÜV Austria for


In compliance with

the European Standard EN16991

   the US Standard API RP-580/581

  the German Standard VGB S-506



Steinbeis RBI Implementation

A. Pilot Implementation

  1. Introductory education of the teamSteinbeis University certificates
  2. Support RBI/QMS procedures implementation
  3. Support contact with the Regulatory Bodies (optional)
  4. Support data acquisition (controlled DB-based excel sheet)
  5. Support conduct RBI assessments 
  6. Support reporting including KPIs
  7. Organize practical lesson-learned workshops


B. Multi - Plants Rollout

  1. Introductory education of the team -Steinbeis University Certificates
  2. Support RBI/QMS procedures implementation
  3. Support contact with the Regulatory Bodies (optional)
  4. Support data acquisition (controlled DB-based excel sheet)
  5. Support conduct RBI assessments
  6. Reporting including KPIs and cross plants analysis
  7. Organize practical lesson-learned workshops and strategic planning suggestion
  8. Consult Business Intelligence
  9. Support optimization of future options for your system

C. Training & Education

Our training and education is delivered by professional RBI engineers with industrial experiences

We conduct software training for users and administrators as internal experts

We offer the option of extension towards accredited and state-recognized academic education (Steinbeis University)

D. RBI, QMS Procedures

  1. Support development of generic procedures (e.g AIM - Asset Integrity Management)
  2. Support development of specific procedures (e.g RBI, RCM, SIS...)
  3. Support preparation for the audit

E. Software/System Certification

Depend on your country, we help you to obtain certification for the software or the RBI system

F. Reference Projects

We run successful RBI projects at Eskom South Africa, NIS Gazprom Serbia


RBI iRiS reference projects at our Customers' sites

Projects in Oil & Gas industry

  1. NIS Gazprom Neft* (Serbia)
    • Package A - Pilot projects, approx. 380 components (2006)
    • Package B - Extended, approx. 2,500 components (2007-2010)
    • Package C- Full coverage, implementation of RBI for one complete largest refinery in Serbia
  2. MOL (Hungary), RBI/RCM system (2006)
  3. Slovnaft (Slovakia), RBI Feasibiliy study (2006)
  4. Engen RBI (South Africa), RBI Quality Management System Implementation (2016)




Research & Standardization 

  1.  Multi Client Project RBIF - Industry participation for the development of the new European EN in field of RBI (2010-2016)
  2. Convener of CWA 15740:2008/2011, the European equivalent of API 580 and partly API 581 (2010-2016)
  3. EU Project - SafeLife X* - Safe Life Extension management of aged infrastructures network and industrial plants (2013-2015)

Projects in Power industry

  1. Eskom RBI* (South Africa) 
    • Gap analysis, 13 power stations and Headquarters (2013)
    • Pilot RBI Implementation, Lethabo power station, approx. 2,500 components (2013-2014)
    • Koeberg nuclear power station RBI implementation, approx. 2000 components (2014)
    • Rollout, currently 9 power stations, approx. 3000-4000 components per station. Currently, 6 stations have passed stage 2 audit and attained certification
  2. GrossKraftwerk Mannheim (Germany), Pilot implementation of RBI at GKM power station, approx. 100 components (2015)
  3. Joensuu Power Station (Finland), Pilot implementation of RBI, approx. 50 components (2015)

...some of the clients:


...please see the detailed list at RBI Customer Reference



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