Main strategic features of Steinbeis-iRiS (RBI)

(integrated Risk management System)

 Feature  iRiS System Meridium / APM - like systems  PCMS - like system   Others  The iRiS advantage
1. RBI CERTIFIED according to the European EN16991:2018 standard  ✔  X X XiRiS System is fully compliant with the new European Risk-Based Inspection Framework EN 16991:2018 “Risk-based inspection framework” 
2. RBI CERTIFIED according to the US API 580/581 standard ✔  ? ? ?iRiS System RBI is certified to comply with API 581 and fully compliant with API 580
3. RBI & Asset Management methodology CERTIFIED the German VGB S-506:2019 standard  ✔ ?  ? ?iRiS System RBI is certified to comply with VGB S-506:2019
4. Fully CUSTOMIZABLE software ✔  X XPossibility to fully customize the system based on customers’needs
?   ?Steinbeis R-Tech offers fully flexible & customizable certified and  accredited training in Risk Management & RBI
6. ECONOMIC BENEFITS & Inspection optimization, including FINANCIAL aspects ✔   ? ? ?Customizable option for calculating inspection economic effects based on NPV/VAR (net-present-value and value-at-risk) principles
7. Integrated Asset Management  ✔   ✔   ✔  ?iRiS System integrates modules (RBI/RCM/NDT) and associated tools (RCFA/CMMS/HSE-HAZOP/Corrosion Loops/MCDM) providing a one-stop integrated asset management solution.
8. TML/NDT (in­spection incl. recommenda­tions)  ✔   ✔   ✔  ?iRiS System NDT (Non-destructive testing) module for management of TML (thickness measurement locations), graphical representation on technical documentation, remaining life prediction,…
9. RCFA ✔   ✔  ✔   ?iRiS System package includes RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis)
10. CMMS Links (e.g. Maximo) & maintenance management ✔   ✔  ✔   ?Custom CMMS links are easy to apply in iRiS System, in addition to its own embedded CMMS.
11. Link to TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION/ DRAWINGS  ✔   ✔  ✔   ?iRiS can display risks, TML values graphically on P&IDs, PFDs, etc.
12. RCM  ✔  ✔ ✔   ✔ iRiS System RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) offers full, customizable, client-specific RCM solutions.




[4] E.g.



ProcessesiRiS System  Benefits 

Define Components


iRiS System Current Data offers full Plant Equipment/Component Definition and Data Management

Collect Process and Design Data


iRiS System supports connection to 3rd party CMMS for data collection, and (optional) embedded  CMMS for data storage

Manage Data and Changes to  RBI-related Equipment


Compare between different states of equipment, degradation levels in ‘what if’ scenarios such as the state before and after shut downs, consequences of failures, etc.

Define Degradation Mechanisms


Damage Mechanisms Systematics acc. to API 581/571 and EN 16991. Can also account for additional lists such as ASME, PCC-3 and others

Define Corrosion Loops


iRiS System associated tools allow definition of corrosion loops. Integrated module under development

Review Inspection History and Assign Inspection Confidence


Fully compliant with API 581 and dynamically linked to risk calculations.

Mechanical Integrity Work Process


iRiS System RBI offers API-compliant mechanical integrity work processes

Mechanical Integrity Assessment/Audit


iRiS System integrated equipment data management stores all relevant integrity related equipment data in one central location

Define Acceptable Risk


iRiS System is fully customizable, and acceptable risk and appropriate reference inspection/action strategies are defined corresponding to the client’s needs

Calculate Risk


RBI related risk - HSE, lost production and more. Wall thickness projected loss for NDT

Review and Validate Risk Results


iRiS System RBI/NDT/RCM supports review and validation of calculated results

Group and Select Equipment for Inspection


In depth Reporting and Optimal Inspection Planning tool allows for inspection prioritization and risk-ranking of equipment

Develop Recommendations


iRiS System RBI provides input fields for recommendations and comments by the relevant SMEs

Define Inspection Strategies


iRiS System RBI supports definition of high-level inspection strategies in accordance with API 581 and EN 16991

Plan and Prioritize Shutdown Inspections


iRiS System Reporting and Optimal Inspection Planning allows for inspection prioritization and risk-ranking of equipment

iRiS System graphical risk representation allows for easy risk overview and equipment prioritization

Manage and Perform Inspections


iRiS System RBI/NDT provides inspection management, results recording and documentation storage functionalities for future reference and planning

Evaluate Inspection Results


Robust inspection results interface for recording, evaluation and risk re-calculation according to the results, linked to inspection planning module.

Make Recommendations to resolve conditions that do not meet acceptance criteria


Recommendations are supported in iRiS System via background procedures

Manage and Measure Performance (Define KPIs, Reports, Queries)


Allows for customized KPIs and consolidates results to the RBI Dashboard; applicable to iRiS System RBI, iRiS System RCM, iRiS System NDT

Training, Work Process


Steinbeis R-Tech offers fully flexible & customizable certified and accredited training in Risk Management & RBI

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