RBI Customers Reference

Power Plant Systems for Life Assessment, Monitoring, Risk Assessment and RBI -Based Inspection & Maintenance (RBIM)*

Partners in the projects, customers and/or end-users of the systems
(NOTE: Some of the companies have changed their legal names in the meantime)

ABB – Switzerland

AEA – United Kingdom

AiB Vincotte – Belgium

AZT – Germany

Badenwerk – Germany

Bayer – Germany

Bayernwerk – Germany

BEL – United Kingdom

BHEL – India

BHEL-Hyderabad – India

BHEL-Tiruchirappalli – India

CPRI – India

DNV – Norway

EdF – France

EdP – Portugal

EnBW – Germany

Endesa – Spain

ERA – Great Britain

ESB – Ireland

ESKOM – South Africa

EVS – Germany

FgW Darmstadt – Germany

GECA – United Kingdom

GKM – Germany

HEW – Germany

IEC – Israel (evaluation version)

IMMG – Greece

Isar-Amperwerke – Germany

ISIM – Romania

ISQ – Portugal

IVO/Fortum – Finland

IVO Naantali – Finland

KEPCO – Korea

Laborelec – Belgium

Neckarwerke – Germany

LENENERGOREMONT, St.Petersburg – Russia

MAN – Germany

NML – India

Nuclear Electric – Great Britain

ÖMV – Österreich

Preussen Elektra – Germany

RWE – Germany

SaarEnergie – Germany

Siemens KWU – Germany

Stadtwerke Duisburg – Germany

Tecnatom – Spain

TNBR – Malaysia

VAT – Switzerland

VEAG – Germany

VTT – Finland




Oil & Gas and Process Plant Systems for Risk-Based Inspection (RBI), Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root-Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)*

AGIP – Italy

COWIconsult – Denmark


DNV – Norway

ENGEN Refinery Durban – South Africa

GKM – Germany

ISQ – Portugal

IVO – Finland

KORONA – Slovenia

Laborelec – Belgium

NIS-Gazprom/Gazpromeneft – Serbia

Slovnaft – Slovakia

Snamproggetti S.p.A – Italy

WS Atkins Great Britain

Aerospace, automotive and other industry

Airbus France

Daimler Germany

EADS France

EADS Germany


Linguatec Germany

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