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 Engineering Services of Steinbeis R-Tech

Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies Group (R-Tech) is the cluster of units belonging to and/or linked to Steinbeis ( Over 1000 Steinbeis units present in 50+ countries worldwide act today as a global player in the area of innovation management and technology transfer. The group of Steinbeis units working in the area of “Advanced Risk Technologies” deals with multiple aspects of risks, risk engineering and risk management appearing, for instance, in:

  • petro-chemical and process plants
  • power plants and energy supply
  • material technologies, especially advanced material technologies
  • new & alternative technologies (CO2, H2, nano, …).

Main aspects of risks dealt with are:

  • risks in/of innovation (e.g. risks of unexpected side-effects)
  • risk of non-performance or performance below expectations (e.g. risks of system or component failures)
  • risk of adverse/unexpected effects and impacts (e.g. on public health and/or environment)
  • risks over the life-cycle of products and technologies (e.g. unexpected problems in decommissioning or recycling phase)
  • project risks, especially in innovation, R&D and new technologies oriented projects.
Our Expertises are RBM, RBI, RCM, RCFA, HSE, HSSE...

RBM (Risk Based Management), RBI, RCM, RCFA, HSE and HSSE systems allow to include safety, environmental, business and reliability considerations into the decision making process and, thus, provide better targeting of resources and improving the results of the run-replace-repair decisions, as well as in the overall operation, safety, inspection and maintenance. This is accomplished by considering the risks of possible undesirable events, the risk itself being expressed as the likelihood of the event (in a given scenario) multiplied by its probable consequences. Properly developed, implemented and used, the RBI, RCM, RCFA and HSE/HSSE systems help to significantly optimize plant key performance indicators (KPIs) and assure safe, economical and, hence, competitive operation.





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